Functional Nutrition

Please note that this service is temporarily unavailable due to maternity leave. Congratulations to Alice DeLozier on the new addition to her family!

Functional nutrition

Have you heard the old saying, “you are what you eat”?   Well, it’s true! Your body draws what it needs to survive and hopefully thrive from the foods you eat. Food is fuel for your cells. The food you eat can sometimes affect you negatively.  The wrong foods can cause inflammation. Inflammation leads to symptoms like bloating, constipationIBS, fatigue, body aches, and more. These symptoms can be used as clues to pinpoint suboptimal functioning of your body. This is where Functional Nutrition can help you!  

Healthy foods can truly help to heal our bodies from diagnoses such as leaky gut, dysbiosis, constipation, irritable bowel issues, brain fog, fatigue, body aches, hormonal imbalances and of course inflammation.

Functional Nutrition is nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body and the digestive system.   At ITR Physical Therapy, your functional nutritionist, Alice DeLozier, can work with your naturopathic physician or MD to help you analyze your whole picture — diet, symptoms, illness history, medications, lifestyle, toxic exposure, history of antibiotic use, stress, lab work, etc. Alice is able to put together an overall plan that will serve as a guiding star to get the personalized nutrition you need to help your body to regain health and prevent illness. 

Having a personalized plan is absolutely necessary to help you get started, however, often, the changes that we are asked to make can feel overwhelming.   Often the dietary changes we are asked to make are quite a drastic change from how we are used to cooking and eating. Even when we are motivated and want to eat healthier, we don’t know who to integrate the necessary changes into our actual life.  This is where Alice’s true passion shines! Alice can help you integrate and put into place the actual nutritional changes in your life. From helping you through your Elimination Diet, to helping you know what to buy at the grocery store and helping you with actual doable recipes.  Alice, combines her health coaching skills with her diet and nutritional knowledge to help you make the necessary dietary health changes in a way that works with your life. Proper nutrition will help your body achieve and maintain the gains you make alongside manual and physical therapy.

ITR offers three Functional Nutrition Package for you to choose from:

Package one:  Initial Informational Session (value $120) and one follow up session (value $90) for $210

Package two:  Initial Informational Session (value $120) and four follow up sessions (value $360) for $450

      *** sessions must be used within 5 months from initial session***

Package three:  Initial Informational Session (value $120) and ten follow up sessions (value $900) for $895

       *** Sessions must be used within 12 months from initial session***

Alice DeLozier, MS, RD

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition
University of Pittsburgh, 2008

Master of Science in Food Science
Drexel University, 2013

Alice Rajakumar ITR Physical TherapyAlice DeLozier is a Registered Dietitian and ACE Certified Health Coach. She completed her Dietetic Internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and then began her career as a cross coverage Dietitian working with a variety of patients with different disease states ranging from those with heart disease to those post liver and kidney transplant. Over the last five years, Alice has been providing telephonic nutrition coaching to members of Optum Health. She has worked with many teams and has been honing her skills on Motivational Interviewing and being more productive in the field of virtual counseling as the world of tele-health continues to grow. 

She has taken advanced classes in functional nutrition and is excited to help clients from a holistic approach to fine tune one’s diet to fit into their lifestyle. 

In her free time, Alice enjoys working out, cooking and spending time with her husband and two cats in Altoona, Pennsylvania. 

My philosophy

As a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, my philosophy focuses on giving clients the tools they need to live their healthiest life. I love food and consider it medicinal. Food is healing and many times healing needs to start in your gut. I believe EVERYONE could focus on eating foods that make you thrive and see the benefits manifest in many ways in all aspects of your life ranging from improved digestion to less pain and just an increase in overall energy. I want my clients to feel empowered and to flourish on their own by giving them direction and all the guidance they need to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle.