I want to thank you (Jennifer Chu) so much for your kind and generous work with me on raising awareness and advancing healing via the mind-body connection. You brought tremendous empathy and compassion and quickly established the trust I need to explore and tend to the intense, uncomfortable, and powerful thoughts and emotions that affect my mental, physical, and spiritual life. The practical techniques that you taught me have brought understanding and relief. My gratitude cannot be adequately captured in words. But suffice it to say that you are a special person with unique and wondrous healing gifts that I was lucky enough to have you impart to me. ~TK

We have been meeting with Tina to work with our 4 year old son to improve his pelvic floor muscles and work through GI issues and potty training. After only about 4 meetings – our life has totally changed! Our son is fully potty trained, has so much knowledge and control over his own body, is stronger and confident. Tina is so kind, understanding, patient and helpful. I can’t recommend her services with ITR physical therapy enough. Thanks so much, Tina!  — Jordana

Tina is a wonderful physical therapist. She has a calming manner and is so supportive. I was skeptical at first when my doctor recommended that I consider physical therapy for the symptoms of urination frequency and mild leakage. First, I was embarrassed to reveal such a problem to a physical therapist and, second, I did not think PT would make a difference. I was wrong. Tina assured me that many people have this problem and she thought she could help me. She has me doing a combination of targeted exercises, biofeedback, bladder tracking and modifying my eating and drinking habits. I am pleased with the results so far. I am going to the bathroom less often and my pelvic muscles are slowly getting stronger. I would highly recommend PT with Tina.

I have been seeing Charissa at ITR Physical therapy for a couple months now and what I have learned and how much she has helped me is truly incredible! I originally went there to help heal a small diastases and strengthen my pelvic floor after baby #2, but I feel like I’ve gotten way more than a little help. Charissa has not only just about completely closed my 1.5-2 finger gap in my stomach, she has helped me relax AND strengthen my pelvic floor and has given me FULL FUNCTION back in both of those areas. Through her manual work on my stomach and pelvic floor, she has also healed a rib issue and an ongoing pain I’ve had in a deep glute muscle. She’s so magical she’s even fixed issues I wasn’t even seeing her for!! She is THAT GOOD!! As a personal trainer, working out is a huge part of my life and she has helped me achieve optimal function again and I am just so thankful for her and all she has done for me!! She is knowledgeable, professional and just an all-around super amazing PT!!! I am so unbelievably grateful for her and for her help!! I am going to be super sad when I am done with PT, but the strength and knowledge I’ve gained from my sessions with her I’ll always have with me!! Charissa and ITR physical therapy are the absolutely BEST!!!!!!!!

I have found Tina’s experience in orthopedics and sport medicine to be a real asset. I participate in several sports and Tina has worked with me to strengthen my core, which has helped to stabilize my pelvis. She has also made me aware of how my posture, or rather, “poor posture,” affects the pelvis. ITR is a wonderful practice. I have received excellent care and highly recommend the physical therapists at ITR Physical Therapy.

Lauren is quite literally a life saver. I had a pelvic injury that was misdiagnosed for quite some time, and I was in pain and scared when I came to Lauren. Her unwavering positivity, her great skill, and her willingness to listen changed my life.  She is a skilled physical therapist, and she is very attuned to her patient’s needs. She was always willing to answer my questions, and she reached out to me via email when I was worried. She made me feel like everything was going to be all right, and then she helped me get there. I’m pain free because of Lauren. I can’t recommend her highly enough.       ~Jessica

It’s been some time since I’ve had a visit and wanted to let you (Jen) know that I am doing really well. I’m not sure I’ll ever be “normal” again, but I am definitely 95% better than I was when I first came in to see you. I was in terrible pain and in physical therapy for 3 years. 3 years!! But you stuck with me and got me through it. You never gave up on me, even when I was resigned to the fact I would probably live the rest of my life with some level of pain. You have given me my life back and for that I am so thankful and grateful for you!  You are a gift to your profession. 
From the bottom of my heart…thank you, thank you, and thank you!
I just wanted to tell you that Ellicia is THE most kind, warm, reassuring, professional and genuinely caring health provider I have EVER met (and I’m a physician assistant so I’ve met a lot 🙂 not to mention well spoken and obviously knows her stuff backwards and forwards. I could go on but suffice it to say I can’t thank you all enough and I’ll be singing your praises to all my girlfriends.
Without going into graphic detail the advice you (Jen) gave me worked! It took us a little time to figure out how to implement your guidance, but after a few tries, the pain went away, and it was as if I never gave birth to a baby! 
Thank you for your patience and guidance. I’m really so grateful to you!   

Save this number in your speed dial!! The instant my low back pain acts up, I call Jen and her colleagues at ITR Physical Therapy. I have hobbled into the office in agony and walked out a brand new person. It is such a relief to have found these caring and trustworthy professionals, I don’t know what I would do without them. You don’t have to be in pain anymore!