Saturday, October 20, 2018

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Inspiration from 2018

Inspiration from 2017

In order to personalize your experience at WHWD, the 2018 event included one free 10-15 minute private discovery sessions in functional nutrition, physical therapy, and movement. These mini consultations were booked in advance.

Healing Pelvic Floor disordersSuzanne Scurlock-Durana, CST –D, MT

room A, 8:45-9:30am

“Our Power As Women”

Come open the day of Women’s Health by understanding your role in today’s world as well as how you can go about reclaiming your power and yourself – so you can make a positive difference in the world, walking the soul path you came here to walk. You were born at this time in history for a reason – perhaps because of the role we are meant to play in the healing of the planet and that starts with each one of us. Suzanne will share her “how to” skills for being fully present so you can enjoy this day to the fullest and leave it with a full inner energy reservoir as well as a lot more information about living in a healthy, thriving life.


Rhodo Nguyen, ND

room A, 9:40-10:20am

“Naturopathic Medicine:  A Personalized Approach to Understanding the Root Cause of Your Illness”

Don’t guess! Test!  With so much health information available on the Internet, it can feel overwhelming to discern which advice to follow and which to ignore. Rather than guess what is best for you, using an evidence-based personalized approach to repair and restore health will provide a more long-lasting outcome. Dr. Nguyen will guide you through the importance of comprehensive diagnostic assessment as a framework into developing a strong physical foundation and vessel that supports, holds, and ultimately enhances your energetic vibration.  


Nicolette Horbach, MD

room A 10:30-11:10am

"To Mesh or Not to Mesh-- Surgery for Pelvic Floor Disorders, the FDA and All Those Commercials"

Pelvic reconstructive surgical techniques for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse have undergone significant changes over the past decade with the advent of mesh materials for repairs. However, as illustrated by the 2011 FDA statement about mesh repairs, there is controversy regarding whether mesh is safe to use in surgery and/or whether outcomes are better with or without mesh.  This presentation will discuss: 1) the indications, and the risks and benefits associated with mesh surgeries; 2) the latest FDA statements about mesh; and 3) what questions to ask your doctor if you are considering a reconstructive surgery with or without mesh. 


Rita Moran, PT

room A, 11:20-12:00pm

 “Healthy Breasts, Healthy Life: Techniques and Movements to keep the lymphatic system flowing”

Learn and move! Learn about the importance of the lymphatic system, especially the lymphatics of the breast, on your overall health and well matter your age and diagnosis. This is a highly experiential class that can be done in a wheel chair, chair, standing or on a yoga mat. Gentle movements and breathing will be explored. 


womens health and wellness eventOlya Walker, LFMT

room A, 12:00-1:00pm (lunch hour)

"Escaping the “Should-Have” Monster: Self-care for Women as Caregivers"

Recent research continues to demonstrate that women are constantly overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. Work, relationships, parenting, maintaining households and taking care of our parents – we are expected to do it all, look good and not complain. As a friend of mine put it while we were at a petting zoo watching a hog nursing her multiple piglets: “I know exactly how she feels”. To make matters worse, we, as women, are our own worst critics and even have a hard time complimenting ourselves. I will be sharing some insights and specific strategies about how to feel good about ourselves and how much we give to others, while maintaining healthy boundaries.


Women's Wellness Presenter RestonJen Coken 

room A, 1:00-1:45pm

"Balance is Bull$∏⇑⊥!"

I need balance in my life!” How many times have you said this or heard someone else say it? My question for you is -- how is that quest for balance going? I say that balance is truly unique to each of us.  One person may want more time to be with their kids or grandchildren. Someone else may want to spend more time developing a new talent. Another person may want to block more time to be outside and exercise. Once you find your unique sense of balance, you will be happier, more peaceful and enjoy life more.  During this 45-minute webinar, you will stop beating yourself up for not being "perfect," identify your unique sense of balance, and leave with a practical tool to access that sense of inner peace and cam you desire. Let’s put this issue of balance to bed once and for all!


Urologist Rachel RubinRachel Rubin, MD

room B, 1:00-1:45pm

“Below the Beltway: When sex isn’t working”

Did you know that hormones, muscles, and nerves are all essential components of female pelvic anatomy? Understanding our own bodies and how they change is the first step in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction. Join Dr. Rubin for some advanced sex-ed and ask all the questions you couldn’t when you were younger!  


Pelvic Floor PTJennifer Chu, MS, PT, WCS

room A, 1:55-2:35pm

“To Kegel or Not to Kegel”

You may have been told by your health care provider to do your Kegels, but did you know that not every person should be contracting their pelvic floor muscles every day?  In this talk we will review different pelvic floor dysfunctions and diagnoses and whether or not you should be strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. We will also go over some helpful suggestions and recommendations to assist with such problems as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain.


Womens Wellness PresenterVictoria Bloom 

room B, 1:55-2:35pm

“Introduction to Belly Dance”

We will go over basic technique, learn several combinations and will put them together in a fun choreography!


 Amy Heard, PhD

room A, 2:45-3:25pm

“Building More Intimate, Resilient Relationships Through Meaning and Intention”

We’ve all heard that relationships require work, but have you ever found yourself wondering just where to focus your energy and attention?  Thankfully, research has shown that there are a set of essential skills that couples can use to strengthen their connection.  In this talk we will review key communication strategies to help you really engage with your partner and develop more intimacy.  We will also explore your core values to identify ways you can be more of the partner you truly want to be as you seek to create a more fulfilling relationship.


pilates instructorAlia Staples 

room B, 2:45-3:25pm

“Beginner Classical Pilates Mat Class” 

Pilates is a system of movement geared towards improving strength, flexibility and muscular control. There are countless benefits to using the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Increasing strength in all muscle groups, improving flexibility and posture, rehabilitation for lower back and neck problems, improving stability and balance, reducing stress and the overall reshaping of your body are just a few. 

In this 45 minute class designed for beginners, we will learn the fundamental movements in the Classical mat sequence. They will allow you to connect to your deepest abdominal muscles, open your hips, and lengthen your entire body. Learn how all movement in your daily life really originates from your center, or your "powerhouse", and leave the class feeling refreshed and taller!


Women's Wellness Day Reston presenterLaura Purcell Verdun, M.A., CCC/SLP

room A, 3:35-4:10pm

"Empower Your Voice!"

Powerful speaking skills are a valuable tool in a woman’s professional and personal life.  Tips will be introduced to make you a more effective and powerful speaker. We will focus on features of speaking which tend to interfere, as well features which will insure you and your message are received as intended.  You too can find your voice!


Lauren Starace, PT

room B, 3:35-4:10pm

“Yoga For Pelvic Floor Awareness”

Using breath and movement, become more aware of what your pelvic floor is doing and where it is positioned.  Learn how much your breath and pelvic floor really are linked discover movement that can help you better connect to your pelvic floor.  This will be a gentle, all levels class, where you can explore within your own body, breathing and moving freely, to mindfully improve your relationship with your pelvic floor.  


Amy Heard, Phd,

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology, she has been practicing psychology for over 15 years.  Her practice in Vienna specializes in the treatment of people with medical illnesses and persistent pain. Since 1991, she has been working in medical and behavioral health settings large and small and teaching people to use their breath to connect their minds and bodies.  Her training and experience working in medical settings has allowed her to help patients learn to cope with the impact of medical illness on their physical, social, and emotional lives.  Dr. Heard’s guiding principle is to provide hope & help with compassion, whether that is in her therapy office or with groups and talks in her community.  She teaches skills that connect the Mind and Body and build self-compassion as a way to manage stress and provide a path to healing.  In the face of life’s challenges, she believes that everyone can develop awareness and harness intention to create a life of meaning and purpose. 


Rita Naomi Moran, PT,

Rita Naomi is the lead teacher and founder of OneHeartPath, an Integrative Healing practice that includes nature exploration, physical therapy, and yoga. A healer for over 25 years, she manages her physical therapy practice in Maryland and Utah, and leads yoga programs in different National Parks around the United States. Her speciality is in helping women find and embody their inner wisdom through the waters of the body and movement awareness. 


Women's Wellness Day Reston presenterLaura Purcell Verdun is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in VA and Washington DC, Communication Coach, and owner of Voicetrainer, LLC. She specializes in voice, motor speech, swallowing and airway disorders; and the refinement of professional communication and presentation skills for graduate/medical students, analysts, attorneys, scientists, radio and on-air talent, politicians, executives, etc. Follow her on Twitter! 



Rhodo Nguyen, ND,, ND

Dr. Nguyen is a naturopathic physician and co-founder of Aloe Wellness in Washington, DC. Her expertise includes hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, allergies, and mood disorders. Dr. Nguyen sees both children and adults and offers a holistic, personalized plan to guide her patients toward optimal wellness in all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of being. 


Women's Wellness Presenter Reston

Jen Coken is an author, speaker, comedian, and life coach of 20 years who helps CEOs and entrepreneurs overcome their self-made limitations and reach new levels in their business and personal lives. Jen is an Ovarian Cancer Awareness advocate, recovering stand up comedian, and is often spotted eating Nutella by the spoonful in the nearest grocery aisle. Her latest book, “Embrace the Ridiculousness: A Pocket Guide to Being A Better You" is currently available online and at retailers nationwide. Click the following links so you can visit her facebook page or instagram feed



Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CMT, CST-D,

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its transformational impact on the healing process. Suzanne has authored Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom and Full-Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom.



Womens Wellness PresenterVictoria is of Ukranian origin; had training in the Russian classical ballet school and Middle Eastern dance. Victoriateaches belly dance classes at the Born2Dance Studio in Vienna, VA, and choreographs for community theaters.  Her recent theater projects include Shakespear's Midsummer Night's Dream, A Christmas Carol, Harvey and The Count of Monte Christo.  Victoria performs at community charity events and private occasions.




womens health and wellness eventOlya Walker is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who practices in Falls Church, VA working with adults, couples and teens.  Olya specializes in helping women protect themselves from the demands of the “needy” world around them, which can cause stress and even depression, if not properly managed. She helps women access their innate capacity to heal from the painful things so many of us go through.  Olya also helps women to improve their relationships to the level where they feel nurtured and taken care of.



Dr. Nicolette Horbach, MD,

 With over 30 years experience, Miss Horbach is a pelvic medicine & reconstructive surgery specialist in Annandale, VA. She graduated from Washington University St Louis in 1982 Aside from pelvic medicine & reconstructive surgery, she also specializes in obstetrics & gynecology.




Rachel Rubin, MD,

Dr. Rachel Rubin is a urologic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Her expertise includes erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain, penile curvature, low testosterone, low libido, sexual arousal disorders, urinary incontinence, penile implants, and menopause care.



Alia Staples,

Alia has owned & operated The Pilates Loft Arlington, Virginia since 2014. Prior to opening the studio in Arlington, VA she was a full-time Pilates Instructor at The Pilates Loft in Orlando, Florida for four years.



Lauren Starace, PT,

Lauren found her true passion in pelvic health, treating women and men with complex pelvic issues for all ages. She furthered her education at Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine learning muscle energy techniques for the spine and visceral mobilization through the Barrel Institute in order to complement the skills needed to treat the lumbopelvic and abdominal region. After completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, she has started training with the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute.


Pelvic Floor specialist in Bethesda

Jennifer Chu, PT,

Jennifer Chu is one of the countries first Board Certified Women’s Health Specialists. She has been a physical therapist since 1997 when she started her career working with musculoskeletal injuries in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. She is committed to teaching and empowering women and men with pelvic floor dysfunctions how to help themselves

2nd Annual Women's Health and Wellness Day
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11130 Sunrise Valley Drive #suite 150, Reston, VA 20191

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