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Get Relief From Your Pelvic Issues

We Help All People Suffering from Pelvic Health Related Conditions, Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Improve their Health and Wellbeing with Quality Physical Therapy and One-on-One care.

Get Back to the Activities You Love with ITR Physical Therapy

At ITR Physical Therapy, we stand apart with our exclusive focus on pelvic physical therapy.

Our dedicated pelvic physical therapists are committed to helping you achieve your goals and return to the activities you enjoy. We recognize the uniqueness of each of our patients and their varying needs, allowing us to tailor treatments for the best possible outcomes.

All of our physical therapists possess extensive training in addressing the multifaceted realm of pelvic floor dysfunctions and pelvic pain.

Through tailored one-on-one sessions with your pelvic PT, we’re here to help you regain your quality of life and accomplish your aspirations.

Women’s and Men’s Health
Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Care for Lasting Results

Bladder, bowel, pain, pregnancy & postpartum

For Women

Our physical therapists treat each patient individually while drawing from their training as women’s health physical therapists.

For Men

Our team of highly skilled physical therapists are comprehensively trained to evaluate and provide treatment for men experiencing a wide range of pelvic related health issues.


The ITR team of physical therapists is skilled at providing treatment to women experiencing any pelvic issues during or after pregnancy.

Achieve Lasting Relief with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA

Treating pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain through physical therapy, manual therapy, exercise, massage and rehabilitation.

Restore Your Quality of Life with ITR Physical Therapy

Explore Our Physical Therapy Services

Our experienced therapists can work with you to manage chronic pelvic pain such as endometriosis, vulvodynia/vestibulitis, coccydynia, and other forms of discomfort in the pelvic area. Learn More.

If you’re experiencing involuntary urine leakage, our tailored treatments can help you regain control and confidence by strengthening your pelvic muscles and providing strategies for managing this common concern. Learn More.

Struggling with infrequent or difficult bowel movements? Our specialized care encompasses techniques to improve bowel function, providing relief and guidance for a more comfortable lifestyle. Learn More.

Managing the unpredictable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can be challenging. Our knowledgeable team offers strategies to ease discomfort, enhance digestive wellness, and improve your overall quality of life. Learn More.

If you’re facing the discomfort of pelvic organs shifting out of place, our personalized solutions address this concern through exercises, treatment techniques, and support to help you regain comfort and stability. Learn More.

For postpartum individuals dealing with abdominal muscle separation, our dedicated approach focuses on targeted exercises and guidance to help restore core strength and function, promoting a smoother recovery. Learn More.

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Discover Our Clients Transformational Journeys with ITR Physical Therapy

Since 2001, ITR Physical Therapy has been the gold-standard in pelvic floor physical therapy in the DMV area. We treat all people experiencing pelvic health-related issues, using a one-to-one, personalized approach with an expert team of caring physical therapy professionals.

Jennifer Chu

Owner of ITR Physical Therapy

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