Green Compass CBD Products


As the intention for ITR Physical Therapy is to offer our services from a holistic vantage point, we have chosen to collaborate and partner with similar like-minded health care providers and companies that we feel offer potential healing benefits. 

As the research in cannabis plants is growing and more and more health benefits of these varied plants are being discovered, the legalized Hemp plant and CBD potential health benefits in the endocannabinoid system in our body are vast.  

Green compass stands out to us at ITR because of its values, practices and mission of clean sustainable organic CBD products.

Green Compass is a US based company that grows and offers an array of 100%-certified organic CBD products.  Green compass has “strict sustainable farming practices that honor our soil and land, which is integral to growing good hemp. From organic, non-GMO seeds to only using clean, organic ingredients for each product, our eye is always on the cleanest and most sustainable resources possible.  Our products are planted, grown and hand-harvested by our team, on our certified organic farms. We use zero pesticides or chemicals. We rotate our crops every three years to ensure the soil is nourished and has proper nutrients for the next time cannabis is grown on that land. And we don’t stop there. We take the extra step for our shared planet to go beyond just sourcing clean, organic ingredients to complement our premium CBD. We source our packaging and boxes with sustainability in mind, and we choose glass over plastic whenever possible – so that our packaging is 100% recyclable.”

Green Compass offers both Broad Spectrum Hemp plant products (no THC) and Full Spectrum Hemp plant products (the legal less than 3% THC) that also contain more that 80 other cannaboids and other beneficial compounds naturally found in the hemp plant. To learn more about the Hemp plant, CBD and the science behind why CBD may be helpful for you click here:

If you are interested in learning more CBD, it’s potential benefits, and about Green Compass and their products please click here 

If you are interested in learning about dosing or if you are interested in becoming a Green Compass Advocate, please email Jen at 

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