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Men’s Health & Treatment

At ITR Physical Therapy we treat all patients with pelvic floor dysfunctions, women and men. Up to 25% of our patient population is male. Men are being diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction at an increasing rate. 

In fact, it has even been proposed that the majority of chronic prostatitis is actually a musculoskeletal issue and not a bacterial issue. When a man has hypertonic (over functioning) pelvic floor muscles they can experience bladder and bowel symptoms, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain.  Men can also experience weakness of their pelvic floor muscles after surgery (prostatectomy) leading to incontinence and weakness of their inner core stabilizers.  Posture, diet, stress, bike riding, and musculoskeletal imbalances can all affect a men’s pelvic floor.

All of ITR’s pelvic floor physical therapists are extensively trained in treating all aspects of the myriad of pelvic floor dysfunctions.  We understand that when a person has pain or a problem in their pelvic health it is a private and often uncomfortable area to discuss.  We come to each patient with a special understanding and compassion for these issues and are passionate about helping women and men with their pelvic health.

From manual therapy and dietary education to postural assessments and individualized home exercise programs, we take a natural and total body or holistic approach to treating each patient.   We are honored to help each patient in every way we can. Join our team in your path to wellness.