Mind-Body Coaching

Use your body’s wisdom to heal

Mind-Body Coach

I am pleased to offer coaching to support you in your healing journey by assisting the safe and gentle removal of emotional obstacles. Together we will discover where energy is blocked in your body and use mind-body tools to help you clear your way to better health and well-being.

About my journey to this modality

Over the past 20 years of specializing in treating patient with all types of pelvic floor dysfunctions, I have learned many different treatment techniques to use when helping my patients.  As the majority of people I treat are dealing with all types of chronic issues and a myriad of pelvic pain syndromes, I have been drawn to a holistic approach. From functional nutrition to varied manual therapy and osteopathic techniques.  Using these specialized manual therapy techniques, I have facilitated healing and I have seen some wonderful releases. In particular, I have been drawn to using myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. After years of using these respectful, gentle and specific techniques, I realize that I am drawn to them because, with these techniques in particular, I am listening to the patient’s body for guidance; I offer each person a little more information for their body to do its own release. I love the idea of facilitating healing instead of forcing tissues to “relax” or “release” as I think they should.  For many these techniques seemed to be what these patients needed as key to unlocking some restrictions in their body.

As I’ve deepened my practice with patients and my own healing practice, I’ve become more drawn to mind-body work. I noticed that when I, as a physical therapist, facilitate a release of tension in a certain area of the body with my manual therapy techniques, most patients feel a good amount of relief. 

If, however, they go back into their lives and, without realizing it, fall back into the familiar pattern of tightening up that area of the body whenever they sit or stand in a certain posture, usually due to habit or stress, the tension will return. With the tension comes pain or discomfort. For many, this is the back and forth of physical therapy. To break the cycle, they need something else to help them develop new patterns and habits. This is where mind-body work comes in. 

Most of us have been taught since we were children to ignore pain and to push or stuff emotion down deep inside our bodies.  When we do this, the energy of the emotions stay in our bodies until we are able to release it. Our bodies are so intrinsically intelligent that they are constantly sending us information about what we do and don’t need. When they get sick of being ignored, they cause a host of problems, including depression, anxiety and often chronic pain. I’ve experienced this first-hand, grappling with a host of health issues since childhood, including eczema, hives, allergies, constipation, fatigue, insomnia and a poor immune system.   

After the traumatic c-section birth of my second child led to a post-surgical abdominal infection that required a week of hospitalization and being away from my premature baby and toddler, as well as months of IV and oral antibiotics, I became ill for a long time.  I began to experience many of the same health issues I had experienced earlier in my life including, over whelming fatigue, brain fog, poor immune system function and an incredibly poor digestive track. I couldn’t eat anything without experiencing painful bloating and eventually was diagnosed with a severe leaky gut with a ton of food allergies and intolerances. For a full year, all I could eat was bone broth, some veggies and chicken.  I couldn’t even eat anything that wasn’t organic or I would break out in a rash! Because my gut was so unhealthy it took years for me to find my way back to some semblance of my previous self. I pursued many paths to healing including all of the very modalities I use with patients as well as naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, meditation, yoga, and functional nutrition. After a few years, although I made progress, I came to realize that that I needed something more.

Working with a skilled therapist, I learned that I had been disassociated (not aware of the physical and emotional sensations) from my body. Mind-body work has helped me to heal on a deeper level. I now live a life full of truth, purpose, and meaning. Not only do I feel connected to my heart for the first time, but I actually feel safe in my body.  I had no idea life could feel like this!!  

I now know that this is what I am here to do: I am here to help others connect to their body, connect to their heart and offer them the opportunity for true, full, deep healing. 

My training

In addition to the 22 years I have spent treating patients as a physical therapist, I have studying various physical and manual therapies. Along with the mind-body-soul work I have been undergoing for myself, I have recently completed a six month training under Abigail Steidley to become a Mind-Body Coach in her Anamsong Method (this is trade marked. Click this link to learn more.). In January of 2020, I will begin her master level course which will be completed in June of 2020. The Anamsong Method is combines gentle, intuitive mind-body-spirit tools to help learn us how to live in our bodies, how to safely feel and release emotions, how to let go of our mind habits (such as ruminating, obsessing and worrying) and connecting to our own inner wisdom to guide us in our lives. This inner wisdom is our source for true healing. By being connect to ourselves on every level, mind, body and spirit, we can now hear and follow our inner guidance for our own healing journey. Gone are the days where I, as your health care provider, am here to “fix” you.  Instead, you can learn to hear your own inner wisdom and let it guide you!

As I begin this practice, I am able to offer discounted mind-body sessions to clients who want to commit to three sessions over the course of 4-6 weeks for a limited time. Typically, my sessions will run $185/hour but through January, I will offer these sessions for $92.50, a 50% discount from my regular charge.

How it works:  Individual Mind-Body Coaching Session

When someone is ready to take on the mind-body-spirit connection to release negative patterns and the imprint of the trauma that likely created them, we schedule a phone or telehealth (video) call. Every call looks different depending on what the patient brings to the table, but it usually begins with a check-in of where you are in this moment and then different guided exercises and discussion about what they bring up.

I offer an empathic ear and a gentle guidance to help you uncover your own body’s wisdom and honor it. In addition to the work we do together, I have a host of tools (yes, there is homework) to offer to support your continued healing progress. These include resources like videos, websites and various exercises. However, what you do is up to you. There is no specific timetable and no set expectation of any kind of “completion.” I am here to facilitate your healing and your belief that your body knows best. When you have that outlook, you will have a strong energy and feel the brightness of life.

If this is something that resonates with you, contact me and let’s start a journey together where we help you connect to every part of yourself and heal in ways you didn’t think possible. You deserve to live life this way, feeling whole and complete, you heart, your body, your mind and your soul working together.

Ready to begin? Have questions? Email me at jen.chu@itrphysicaltherapy.com. I can’t wait to begin this process with you!!

It is my intention to help every person I work with to the best of my ability using my 20+ years of experience and all of the tools at my disposal. This truly holistic one of a kind approach will include all of the myriad of tools I have utilized in the past, including the manual therapies, functional nutrition and the mind-body coaching. No where will you find this combination with one provider or even in one setting. 

**I feel called to work with patients who truly want to heal at the deepest level possible.  Soon, I will only work with patients who are ready to make this commitment to themselves. For these patients, I will offer either a three or six month program.**

How it works:  Mind-Body Coaching and Physical Therapy Program**

3 months:  $2560 –2 hour initial consultation ($400 value) and 12 weekly hour long sessions ($185/hr value and total value of $2620)

6 months: $4600 — 2 hour initial consultation ($400 value( and 24 weekly hour long sessions ($185/hr value and total value of $4840)

Your program will start off with an initial 2 hour consultation which will consist of a lengthy get to you know you session as well as an initial physical therapy evaluation.  We will take time to get to know you, to understand your past history, your beliefs, your patterns and your goals. Through your program you will work with Jennifer Chu, MS, PT, WCS on a weekly basis where you will receive either an hour of physical therapy manual treatment or a telehealth coaching session. Initially you will most likely receive more hands-on sessions than telehealth sessions. As the weeks go by we will transition into more telehealth education and coaching sessions. In addition to the manual therapy techniques to help your body release tension in and around your muscles, fascia and nerves, you will be taught ways to begin to calm your dysregulated nervous system. These tools are imperative to maintaining the gains of the physical therapy while helping you with the integration of the mind-body tools.

Throughout this program you will learn specific tools to begin to become more body aware of both the physical and emotional sensations in your body.  You will be taught how to safely feel your emotions and discomfort while beginning to release the stored energy in your body.  You will be taught tools to release the mind chatter and patterns that so many of us often get stuck in.  All of this will be with the understanding that these are your sessions where you use these tools to get to know you. With this new found body and emotion awareness you will begin to have a keener understanding of the messages your body is sending you. For example, you may discover that you have a pattern of increasing the muscular tension in your hips or pelvis when you are worried or concerned about a family member. Or you may begin to see the connection between eating a certain food and increased joint pain in your body due to the inflammation that food may cause you to have.

Each session you will receive homework and exercises that you will need to practice for true integration of this amazing information. The more you put into this program the better the results you will have. Remember, my goal for you is to know yourself better, so that you can begin to hear your own inner wisdom to guide you through your healing journey.  For true deep healing to occur, we do recommend the six month program and of course, it is my intention that every person receives benefits well beyond their goals as they complete this program and integrate their mind, body and spirit for a true deep connection to themselves and their inner wisdom. 

It is possible to actually feel good in your body. It is possible for you to heal at every level. It is possible for you understand the messages your body are sending you and to honor these messages. These messages are gold and will lead you to your inner wisdom. With this clarity, you will live a life that is fully you. One where you authentically show up in every way. This allows you to live from your heart and feel more alive with more love than ever before. You deserve to live this new life. And funny thing, when you live life this way, pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression typically melt away! 

Join me on a journey to connect more deeply to you and your health.