Pelvic Health

Manual Therapy ITR Physical Therapy15 years ago, when Jennifer Chu started ITR Physical Therapy there were very few physical therapists who were interested in and had the knowledge to treat patients with pelvic floor dysfunctions.  She saw the need and decided that her skills would best be used by those in what she felt was the greatest need, pelvic floor physical therapy.  Since then, ITR Physical Therapy has been a leader in the DC Metropolitan Area for helping both women and men with all types of pelvic floor dysfunctions and associated issues.

All of ITR’s physical therapist are extensively trained in treating all aspects of the myriad of pelvic floor dysfunctions.  We understand that when a person has pain or a problem in their pelvic health it is a private and often uncomfortable area to discuss.  We come to each patient with a special understanding and compassion for these issues and are passionate about helping women and men with their pelvic health.  From manual therapy and dietary education to postural assessments and individualized home exercise programs, we take a natural and total body or holistic approach to treating each patient.   We are honored to help each patient in every way we can.

Specific diagnoses can be found on the Men’s and Women’s Health and Treatment pages.

We would like to invite you to our next Support Group for Women Experiencing Pelvic Pain facilitated by Dr. Amy Heard.

What: Support Group for women experiencing Pelvic Pain
When: Fourth Thursday of each Month at 6:30-8:00 pm
Where: 1305 Vincent Place, McLean, VA 22101 ~ ITR Physical Therapy
Who: Facilitator ~ Amy Heard, PhD.
RSVP: Contact us by e-mail or telephone if interested!

Dr. Heard is a Clinical Psychologist with HD Psychology Associates who specializes in sexual medicine and women’s health issues. The group format will be educational/support. We will discuss practical strategies for coping with the many aspects of life and relationships that are affected by this challenging condition and ensure time for sharing and connecting among the participants. This is a free support group where donations, however each person sees fit, will be accepted. Due to space limitations we can only accept the first 8-10 women for each session (for now). If we find the demand grows we may look into other venue options for the future. Future groups will include other speakers including Jennifer Chu, MS, PT, WCS who have expertise in various aspects of pelvic function, pain relief and management, and sexual function/ relationship building.