When I first came to ITR Physical Therapy, I was suffering from postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction that affected my everyday living, including one of my favorite hobbies — running. I thought that having the disruptive urge to constantly urinate while running was my “new normal.” Terri was instrumental in dispelling that notion. She correctly diagnosed my prolapse, and then did incredible work to help me relax and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and other parts of my core. Terri’s approach is holistic, caring, and woman-centered — she spent hours just talking to me in order to determine what I needed to get better and the best way to go about it. I am running strong postpartum all these months later, and it is thanks to Terri that I can do so.
– Gina

Terri is an amazingly kind, creative and supportive therapist who made me feel comfortable right away. It turned out that the issues I was dealing with were challenging for both of us; for me, since I had increasing pain and frustration about my situation. For her because it turned out that I had a combination of symptoms that didn’t fit into any one category. But Terri is so knowledgeable about so many topics it is truly amazing. Her endless patience and creative thinking have brought me relief from the pain and hope for the future. I will be forever grateful.

I cannot recommend Jen Chu enough. I have lived with various levels of anxiety my entire adult life, have sought out counseling with a therapist as well as medication, both which helped in the short term but it always seemed to gradually return. Through Jen I have been able to learn so much about the cues that my body has been giving me, working towards the root cause of my anxiety, layer by layer. I have so many new tools that have empowered me to be able to identify, handle and release my anxiety when it comes on. I have generally been less reactive under stressful situations, calmer and more present with my children, and generally have felt much healthier. I am so thankful that I have found Jen and for all that she has taught me!!

I want to thank you (Jennifer Chu) so much for your kind and generous work with me on raising awareness and advancing healing via the mind-body connection. You brought tremendous empathy and compassion and quickly established the trust I need to explore and tend to the intense, uncomfortable, and powerful thoughts and emotions that affect my mental, physical, and spiritual life. The practical techniques that you taught me have brought understanding and relief. My gratitude cannot be adequately captured in words. But suffice it to say that you are a special person with unique and wondrous healing gifts that I was lucky enough to have you impart to me. ~TK

I put off going to a pelvic floor therapist for years because of fear. There was no need for the nerves because Yvonne put me at ease immediately with her compassion and true concern for my condition. I have some chronic life-long stomach issues, as well as my stomach just stopped moving after 2 back-to-back surgeries. Yvonne extensive knowledge of my issues, rehabilitation training, compassion, and determination helped me gain huge positive improvements in my conditions. And I have been able to go off some of my stomach medications! I can’t remember when I have ever felt better! Denise

I have been seeing Charissa at ITR Physical therapy for a couple months now and what I have learned and how much she has helped me is truly incredible! I originally went there to help heal a small diastases and strengthen my pelvic floor after baby #2, but I feel like I’ve gotten way more than a little help. Charissa has not only just about completely closed my 1.5-2 finger gap in my stomach, she has helped me relax AND strengthen my pelvic floor and has given me FULL FUNCTION back in both of those areas. Through her manual work on my stomach and pelvic floor, she has also healed a rib issue and an ongoing pain I’ve had in a deep glute muscle. She’s so magical she’s even fixed issues I wasn’t even seeing her for!! She is THAT GOOD!! As a personal trainer, working out is a huge part of my life and she has helped me achieve optimal function again and I am just so thankful for her and all she has done for me!! She is knowledgeable, professional and just an all-around super amazing PT!!! I am so unbelievably grateful for her and for her help!! I am going to be super sad when I am done with PT, but the strength and knowledge I’ve gained from my sessions with her I’ll always have with me!! Charissa and ITR physical therapy are the absolutely BEST!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to tell you that Ellicia is THE most kind, warm, reassuring, professional and genuinely caring health provider I have EVER met (and I’m a physician assistant so I’ve met a lot 🙂 not to mention well spoken and obviously knows her stuff backwards and forwards. I could go on but suffice it to say I can’t thank you all enough and I’ll be singing your praises to all my girlfriends.

Save this number in your speed dial!! The instant my low back pain acts up, I call Jen and her colleagues at ITR Physical Therapy. I have hobbled into the office in agony and walked out a brand new person. It is such a relief to have found these caring and trustworthy professionals, I don’t know what I would do without them. You don’t have to be in pain anymore!

I’m not sure even how to begin to explain how much Jennifer Chu, and her practice, saved my life. Anyone who lives with chronic pain knows how hard it is to function and live day in and day out. My specific story has to do with all sorts of drama of a misaligned body, a sunny side up baby, a less than capable mid-wife and a 42 hour labor… I was broken – physically and mentally – when Jennifer came into my life. She not only helped begin the long (and still ongoing, but worlds better) process of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again – physically and mentally. I had visited many DRs and other medical professionals, as well as more Eastern practices before I arrived at Jennifer’s doorstep. None of them had any answers… or their answers were completely wrong (one chiropractor saying I would be fine and running after just a few weeks… I’m currently more than 2 1/2 years post delivery and only now considering maybe being able to start back jogging in the Fall). Jennifer was brutally honest with me about what she knew AND what she didn’t know. She also let me know something of what was going on inside of me and always explained exactly what she was doing and why. I had a lot of internal and external pelvis pain. Jennifer was able to, fairly quickly, fix me internally, with just a few visits (for that both my husband and I thoroughly thank her!). The outside has been trickier but my quality of life increased dramatically just a few short months after I started seeing Jen. And Jen was able to give me some tools/strategies and excercises I could do at home that would ‘take the edge off’ when things got bad. I can not express enough or sing praises loud enough to explain what a true blessing it was that I found Jennifer Chu. Truly. There are very few, if any, people that are as capable as she is, especially in relation to pelvis issues. I know. I looked everywhere. She is the one. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone!

Jen has been a lifesaver for me. I began seeing her for pelvic floor dysfunction. At that time, I had seen numerous doctors and physical therapists without success, and I had given up on getting better. I reluctantly saw Jen at the insistence of my doctor, and I’m so glad I did. She is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. My conditions are particularly complicated and challenging. Jen more than rose to the challenge, working diligently to treat my conditions. Over time, I developed numerous other medical conditions, including bladder dysfunctions, colorectal problems, abdominal pain, orthopedic dysfunctions, chronic pain, and vertigo. Jen was unphased by these new challenges, working tirelessly to identify the causes and treat all of my symptoms. Unlike the dozens of health care providers I have seen, Jen does not not use a one size fits all approach. Instead, she develops a tailored treatment approach for each visit. She listens carefully to my symptoms on a particular day and to how my body is responding to treatments, and adapts her treatments accordingly. Jen is continually taking new trainings and perfecting new skills. She is a gifted physical therapist, and she is devoted to helping her patients. Because of her exceptional skill and dedication, Jen has helped me recover from a number of complicated conditions, and she has helped me regain a normal life.

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