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Yoga For The Pelvic Floor

Increase your flexibility, strengthen and tone your muscles,  improve your balance, respiration, energy and vitality by joining one of two of our Yoga classes.

Together we will bring more awareness and balance to the pelvic floor muscles. At ITR Physical Therapy, our women’s health physical therapist and certified yoga instructor, Lauren Starace, PT, MSPT, PYT-c, RYT-200, teaches small intimate pelvic yoga classes with at most 4 participants allowing each participant to receive personalized attention and maximum benefit from  each class.

We are currently offering two types of yoga classes for the pelvic floor muscles.  Please contact us at for more information or to sign up for your next class.

Yoga for Pelvic Pain

Gentle and restorative, this class aims to calm the nervous system to allow for maximum relaxation and decrease in pain.  There is a large focus on breath and pelvic floor connection with gentle movement.  It is a class appropriate for all levels.  Much of class is spent on the floor, though there are some standing poses as well.

Yoga for Pelvic Power

Strengthen the pelvic floor in coordination with breath and your inner abdominal muscles.  This class will be of moderate intensity – class will begin and end with breathing and centering, with movement and activation between.  Appropriate for all levels, this class comes with options to vary details of the practice to increase and decrease intensity levels.