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ITR Physical Therapy held it’s First Inaugural Women’s Health and Wellness Day on September 30, 2017 in Reston, VA.  This event featured both class type presentations and experiential classes that ran in two rooms side by side.  The event was a raving success with a only positive feedback and requests for ITR to hold another similar event so participants could enjoy the talks and classes they were unable to sit in on.  Below we have listed our amazing group of health care providers and educators along with a brief explanation of what each provider covered.  You can click on the presenter’s names below to learn more about each provider.  Please check back with us for updates as we have begun to plan our 2018 Women’s Health and Wellness Day Event.   Mark off Saturday October 20 as this is the day we are planning on hosting the 2018 Women’s Health and Wellness Day.

Walter von Pechmann, MD, presented “Mind over Bladder” giving an overview of the mind-bladder connection, including treatment options to improve bladder control.

Gabrielle Czaja, PT, presented “Embodied Presence: Coming Home to Ourselves” guiding us to a deeper “felt sense” of our inner strength with a simple, yet profound movement and breathing practice.

Jennifer Chu, MS, PT, WCS, presented “Chronic Pelvic Pain and Your Gut” which explored digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or constipation. Attendees learned how the gut can affect pain and ways to work on healing. She also presented Be Strong: Building Strength from the Inside Out.” This workshop explored the relationship between the core muscle strength and pelvic floor muscles. Attendees learned how to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and how to incorporate them into your daily life.

Amy Heard, PhD in Clinical Psychology, presented Teamwork and Intimacy: A Winning Combination When Sex Hurts” Women and couples were introduced to strategies to cope with pelvic floor dysfunction or any health issue impacting their sexual relationship. She also presented “Mindfulness Meditation: Benefits and Guided Practice” which, along with science-based evidence, included a guided, breath-focused mindfulness exercise and take home some simple strategies for bringing mindful presence into your daily routine.

Melissa Delgado, MD, presented “Interstitial Cystitis: What I need to Know” which explored the syndrome that affects women with chronic pelvic pain,-an ailment that has symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection -urinary urgency, frequency, and burning sensations.

Jessica Claire Haney presented “Mood Up, Stress Down: Essential Oils 101”. This hands-on workshop allowed participants to learn about and experiment with the variety of oils that aid in relaxation, sleep, uplifting moods, invigorating, energizing, and pain relieving.

Allie Demers, PT, DPT, presented Your Body, Post Partum: What to Expect. This talk explores the most common postpartum issues (diastasis recti, c-section scar pain and painful intercourse) seen among our patients and attendees left with knowledge of what they can do to help improve the quality of their life.

Rita Moran, MPT, presented Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Healthy Breasts which explored the potential for lymphatic drainage within the tissue of the breast, and surrounding areas of the neck, diaphragm, and shoulders. Workshop attendees learned how to use their hands to drain the lymphatic system. Rita also presented Yoga for the Pelvic Floor which is an experiential movement class focused on the pelvic floor and its integral role in our daily life and general vitality.