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Coccydynia means pain in and around the coccyx or tailbone. This type of pain is usually caused by some sort of trauma to the coccyx area, such as a fall onto the buttocks or even simply sitting on a hard surface for too long. Coccydynia can also occur as a result of pregnancy and childbirth (according to Cleveland Clinic, women are about five times more likely to have coccydynia than men). In about one-third of people with coccydynia, there is no clear cause.

When trauma to the tailbone area occurs, the coccyx—which is made up of three to five fused vertebrae and is found at the very end of your spinal column—can be pushed into a misaligned position. This can cause the pelvic floor muscles, including the coccygeus muscles, to become tight, tense and hypertonic, causing or aggravating one’s pelvic pain. Often, sitting can be extremely painful for those who suffer from coccydynia.

People with coccydynia may also experience painful sex, painful bowel movements, and back pain.

Some people find ways of managing their coccydynia symptoms with tips such as wearing loose-fitting clothing, using hot or cold packs, or sitting on wedged-shaped cushions. For many individuals, however, physical therapy offers faster, longer-lasting relief. A physical therapist who specializes in pelvic health can address any and all musculoskeletal issues related to tailbone pain using customized interventions like manual therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises for the lower back and pelvic floor, and mind-body training.

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