Dysuria/Painful Urination

Dysuria means painful or uncomfortable urination. Many conditions can cause dysuria, including pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction, and urinary retention.

People usually describe dysuria as a sharp, burning, itching, or stinging sensation felt before, during, and/or after urination. The pain is usually experienced in the external genital area, although some disorders associated with dysuria can cause internal discomfort, too, such as a painful ache over the bladder,perineum, or in their urethra. Many people with dysuria have additional symptoms like urinary frequency and urgency, or the feeling that they can never quite empty their bladder all the way.

Dysuria is a common symptom in women and pregnant women, but it can also occur in men and it affects people of all ages, including children.

Physical Therapy for Dysuria

Dysuria can be embarrassing to talk about with a health care provider, but ignoring it could simply prolong your suffering, or even make the underlying cause of your symptoms get worse and more difficult to treat over time.

The good news is, treatment options do exist for people with dysuria—so don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

Dysuria treatment will be different from person to person, depending on what’s causing their symptoms. If you have recurring dysuria, we encourage you to consult with an experienced pelvic floor physical therapist who can go beyond your symptoms and help you understand what’s causing these issues in your body.

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