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Hip/Thigh/Groin Pain

Hip, thigh or groin pain can occur from a number of structures, including the hip joint itself, the surrounding muscles or even the back.  Often the pelvic floor muscles or deep hip rotators are a factor affecting pain, alignment, muscle imbalance or hypertonicity or nerve compression.  AT ITR Physical Therapy, we, as pelvic floor physical therapists, have a unique ability to help people with chronic hip, thigh or groin pain.  Your physical therapist in McLean or Bethesda will perform a comprehensive evaluation, not just of the hip joint, but assessing the body as a whole. Posture, joint alignment, muscle and fascial tightness/restrictions and muscle imbalance will all be assessed.  Each patient will receive the manual therapy needed to realign joints, improve muscle function and coordination as well as release fascial restrictions that could be affecting pain.  Patients will receive education on body mechanics and healthy posture, individualized stretches, strengthening and stabilization exercises. Join us by booking a session!