Post Prostatectomy Rehabilitation

Men can experience dysfunction, weakness or pain in their pelvic floor muscles after a prostatectomy. This can sometimes lead to urinary incontinence and weakness of their pelvic floor muscles and inner core stabilizers. At ITR Physical Therapy our therapists are trained to evaluate and treat men with all aspects of prostate, urinary and pelvic related issues. Your pelvic floor physical therapist will address any musculoskeletal or fascial restrictions or dysfunctions that can be affecting your urinary symptoms. Each patient will be educated on dietary management as well as behavioral modification techniques such as bladder retraining. Manual therapy will be utilized along with education on individualized home programs specifically designed and tailored for each patient. Patients will be educated on how to improve the coordination and strength of the pelvic floor muscles to provide improved sphincteric closure around the urethra to decease their urinary incontinence.

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