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Vaginismus is involuntary tightness, contractions, or spasms of the muscles in the vaginal walls (the pelvic floor muscles) that happens when something attempts to penetrate the vagina, such as a tampon, finger, or penis. These involuntary muscle contractions can cause discomfort, burning, pain, and intimacy problems.

We don’t always know why vaginismus happens, but things like physical changes related to pregnancy and childbirth, a history of surgery or trauma in the pelvic area, anxiety disorders, intimate relationship problems, and a history of abuse can all play a role.

Did you know pelvic floor physical therapy can help people with vaginismus? At ITR Physical Therapy, our pelvic health physical therapists use a combination of interventions—including exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, manual therapy, mindfulness-based activities including yoga and breathwork, and postural re-education—to help women restore pelvic floor muscle function and find relief from  vaginismus. We take a personalized approach to ensure that each woman gets the right combination of services to help her achieve noticeable results.

Because we are both mind and body, addressing emotional and/or psychological factors that could be a factor in vaginismus by working with a mind-body coach or talk therapist, can be the perfect combination to help you Our Bethesda and McLean pelvic floor physical therapist team love to  work collaboratively with our patients’ multidisciplinary team of providers to ensure they get the best possible results.

If you have signs and symptoms of vaginismus, talk to one of our pelvic floor PTs today. Other conditions can look like vaginismus, so getting an accurate diagnosis can help you get the healing you deserve. Contact ITR Physical Therapy of Bethesda, MD and McLean, VA to schedule an appointment today!